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Call Center For Hotels:

-A phone number assigned exclusively for your hotel with an unlimited amount of lines.

-Recordings made specially for your hotel in 3 different languages.

-A live support team in service from 08.00 am. to 24.00

-The system can also take messages if a call was made after work hours.

-All calls that are made after work hours are returned even if they hadn't left a message.

-All incoming and outgoing calls are recorded both in written and audio format.

-The analysis of the web site and calls are reported to the Call Center (time of the call, the duration of returning calls, how the calls are answered, what kind of demands were made...)

Making Free Calls Over the Web Site

-With the click&talk feature, calls from customers all over the world are taken from the reservation page without charge.

Online Chat on the Web Site

- The online chat feature is added so that all customers can be led directly to sales.

- All online conversations are recored.


Call Me Request

-When the "call me" request is made on the web site, the customer is called back immediately.

Web Analysis

-Detailed analysis of the visitors of the website are made. (The entry time, duration of visit, how far they have gone through the web site, where the entries were made etc.)


Integrated Gateways

-Requests are made by connecting the price and availability rates to ERS's own sales gateways.

Social Media and Online Advertising






Advertisements are made on social media with charge. Related content is posted and CRM is viewed.


Promotion Management

-Discount sales and campaigns can be made on the website with the promotion code.

-Transfer, flight and extra services can be made into packages with the room sales on the website.

-Extra services like SPA, restaurant etc. can be sold through the web site as well.

Payment Structure

-Payments can be made on 10 different banks in advance or by installment.

-Necessary controls are made to prevent the usage of fake credit cards.

-All payments are transferred to the hotel in advance, before checking in.


SMS and Email

-Collective emails and SMS messages can be sent to your customers.

-Exclusive packages are formed for special occasions.  

Cloud Technology

-By using cloud technology we are able to keep up with the developing technology and serve our customers the best way possible.



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