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A comprehensive back office with flexible Contract Management, Integrated Accounting, CRM, CMS and Digital Marketing modules are the main advantages of TravelAps. Related agencies can download these contracts by log-in with a password.

Contract Management :
  • Reservation sales period
  • Check-in Days
  • Check-out Days
  • Maximum Time Limit of Accommodation
  • Minimum Time Limit of Accommodation
  • Types of Prices such as Refundable Prices and Non-refundable Prices
  • Discounts on Percentage Amount
  • Promotions such as stay 7 pay 6 (Fist Day-Last Day average)
  • Listings of the discounts, an ability to make compatibility with contracts together.
  • Identifying market- based contract or discount
  • Specifying three different age groups of children. Different price and discounts for the first and the second children.
  • Stop-Sell based on agency, market and room type.
  • Stop-Sell based on check-in or check-out.
Prices of Children Age Groups
  • This is the section that you will specify the children prices.
  • Prices of children guests are divided into three different categories.
  • Different pricing types such as including single, including double, first child, second child etc. can be identified.
  • If there are some conditions such as minimum length of stay, weekdays and weekend prices etc. they must be specified in this section.
  • If the contract is priced based on the specified days, the related days must be entered. For example, If there is a valid price condition for the reservations which has check-in and check –out days on Monday or Tuesday, they must be entered as Check-in/Check-out (1,2) (Monday:1 Tuesday:2)
  • If there is a maximum/minimum length of staying condition, staying length must be entered.
  • If there is a maximum/minimum number of staying, number of guests must be entered.
  • Cancellation and releasing terms of the contract are entered in a daily basis in this section.
Special Cases
  • This is the area of special cases entered when the contract pricing conditions cannot answer the case.
  • In order to not to enter all the room types and terms, combinations must be created in this section.
  • You can transact all your accounts from the Account Cards and Transactions menu.
  • All transactions are listed in the menu of account transactions.
  • You can see and edit the details of any selected transactions.
  • Transactions used in accounting but not in application are specified in this section.
  • This section is used in order to make out direct invoices.
  • The accounts which are not specified in the reservation such as cash account, income and expenditure account, personnel account are opened in this section.

  • The area that you can create your own database.
  • You can save the details of your customers.
  • Single access to the messages left (calling, e-bulletin subscription, request etc.) in the contact area.
  • You do not need to have your customers’ details with other agencies.
  • You can manage your customer relations perfectly by prioritising your customer preferences.
  • It provides you a better CRM tracking by sending an SMS and e-mail to your customers in the system.
  • You can provide the highest customer satisfaction by sending a questionnaire to your customers.
  • You can release your campaigns just in time by creating mass- mailings.
  • Very flexible and user-friendly content management system
  • Managing the content of your website had never been this much easy.
  • Add your own data by yourself.
  • Update any time.
  • You can add countless pages.
Digital Marketing
  • Facebook adverts,
  • Expert SEO performance
  • Professional Web Site Design
  • Mobile Application
  • Increase your sales by sharing all your news and campaigns through your social channels just in time.
Daily hotel information can be entered through extranet.
  • Price and availability can be updated easily
  • Completed reservations can be checked.
  • Channels and phone calls can be followed up.



Market- Based Pricing, Multiple Language and Currency
* You can identify market-oriented price and stop sell
* If you wish, you can offer a price including flight and transfer
* Working with 40 different languages and 80 different currencies


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